100% Natural Antibiotic / Anti-inflammatory

https://youtu.be/cnB4uKMsrgY How to make your very own Anti-inflammatory & Antibiotic For a while now I have been making and taking this all natural and very effective anti-inflammatory and antibiotic. It is very easy to make and it tastes like a peppery sweet and sour sauce. You will need: 1 TBS turmeric 3 1/2 oz raw … Continue reading 100% Natural Antibiotic / Anti-inflammatory

The perfect camp light

Several years ago, I was constantly hauling heavy lanterns into the woods. I had to carry mantels and fuel and tried to not break the glass while traveling, that is until I saw something in the camping section of my not so favorite Superstore. Lo and behold, I looked up and saw this amazing little device. The Luci solar powered lantern. I did what any self-respecting Outdoorsman would do right there in the middle of the store... I started reading reviews! after reading several reviews and looking at all the specifications I picked up two of them for around $15 each. I went home I started using them immediately.