I have teamed up with LuminAID to do a video for their solar-powered lanterns. I want to remind everyone that September is National Preparedness Month. There is nothing wrong with having a plan in case of an emergency. I highly recommend it.  

This lantern is perfect for power outages, natural disasters, camping and just all around great to have for anything you wish to have a portable light source for.
A few basic ideas were given to me by LuminAID when they sent me the lanterns in the video below. 

Water – 1 Gallon of water per person per day

Food: Have three days supply if you have to evacuate and two weeks supply you have to shelter in place.

Light & Power: Solar power lanterns like the luminAid 2-in-1 lanterns can also charge your phone and recharge by setting out in the sun!

Meds & Documentation – Keep extra meds on hand and gather all your essential documents if you need to evacuate

Radio: Always have a battery or rechargeable radio in case the power goes out. You cant always rely on WiFi or Cell phones.

These are just a few quick tips on items to have on hand during an emergency. 

Check out the video below and see how the LuminAID lantern works!

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