I would like to give you a few examples of knots that I typically use when I am camping. These knots have many uses for different scenarios. Try and keep in mind that a certain knot can be used for many different results and that no matter what the situation there is always a knot for whatever you need to be done. Certain knots are easily adjustable and like the constrictor knot, hard to untie. 

When tying a knot that you know will be nearly impossible to untie, consider using a variation that your cordage will not have to be cut. Always try to conserve resources when outdoors. Cordage, String, and rope are all basically fancy names for the same resource, and tying a knot that you have to cut out limits your resources for future use. 

here are a few videos on how to tie some of my favorite and useful knots.

Knot tying live on youtube. (I tied them all in reverse and it drove me crazy)

In this next video, I demonstrate how to tie the constrictor or gunners knot. 

Now we are going to go over the Cow Hitch or Larks head knot

In the next video, I am going to demonstrate the Prusiking know or Klemheist knot

Here, we go over the Buntline Hitch. This one is great at securing your Guy Lines for a tarp

Hopefully, you found these short videos helpful. If you would like to know more about how to tie knots, let me know in the comments and I will put another post together with more variations of knots.

God Bless you, see you in the next post!!

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      all the products I use in my videos can also be found here

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