Recently, Nite Ize asked if I would check out some of their camping products. Like anyone else, I said “absolutely,” so they sent me a few things to use in a video. When I received the box, I noticed it was slam full of different items for different uses. The little kid in me wanted to run out to the woods immediately to check each one out. So, That is what I did!

How many times have you been on a camping trip and had a situation come up that, if you just had a handy lightweight gadget, you could solve a problem and save a lot of time and aggravation? Have you ever had trouble tightening your guy lines or ropes? Let’s say you have forgotten how to tie a tension knot to keep your shelter or tarp nice and tight. The Figure 9 rope tightener and the cam jam XT are the two items you need! First up, The Figure 9 Rope tightener; this device allows you to tighten your cordage or rope using two methods. The loop system will enable you to loop your cordage through the tie-out and around your stake to add tension to your tarp. And a pretty cool feature is that the directions are engraved into the metal to show you how this works. Secondly, the fixed end system allows you to make a permanent knot to your tie-out. Then, you have to loop your cordage around the stake or whatever you want to tie to and use the engraved instructions on tightening the cordage or rope. The back of the package shows how to use the Loop and Fixed end systems. Secondly, the cam jam XT this little gadget is my favorite! It just hooks to your tarp or ties out. Slide the rope through this little hole, feed it through the self-adjusting tensioner, and pull. Your rope locks in place and has a 280-pound working load limit with 837 pounds breaking strength.

Have you ever used those cheap aluminum carabiners? You know the ones I’m talking about, those cheap multi-colored ones that come in three or four to the pack. If you have, you know that they do not hold up to the stress of the outdoors with much use. The G series dual chamber carabiner solves that problem. This little device is tiny but very durable. The dual chamber lets me hook the carabiner wherever I want it on my pack, and the other compartment holds my water bottle perfectly while I’m trekking through the woods.

Filming videos in the woods week-in and week-out presents numerous challenges for me. One of the main problems that I face is tools. Trying to carry multi-tools, knives, and other items to work on camera gear eventually became cumbersome. Still, once I started using this little doohickey, many of these problems disappeared. The doohickey (yes, that is the real name for it) is a small ratchet key tool. The included carabiner clip is easily attached to my backpack for transport. The ratchet part fits a #1 and #2 Phillips bit and the equivalent flat-head bit. I love the pry tool, which allows me to use it as a large Flat-head for screwing tripod attachments to my camera. This little doohickey could have numerous uses for working on your bushcrafting gear and keeping your equipment in perfect working order while in the great outdoors.

How often have you gotten out in the woods and set up camp only to find your cordage tangled up or needed another way to hang your solar Lantern? The gear tie is a reusable rubber twist tie, and it can hold your gear, secure your cordage, or even keep your wool blanket wrapped up on your trip. The possibilities for these things are endless; they are entirely reusable, lightweight, and packable. There are 12 ties to a box with multiples of various lengths, and I guarantee that you will find many uses for them around camp.

One of the Big problems I’ve encountered over the years is keeping my essential items dry, and I’ve always resorted to using Ziplock bags for things like my wallet and medications. Have you ever tried to cross a creek and fell in, and all your gear is soaked? The runoff is the perfect thing to keep my valuables secure and waterproof. It has a waterproof zipper and built-in attachment points that are perfect for attaching this to your bag with the G series carabiners. This bag is completely waterproof and easily storable in your pack. You don’t have to worry about your valuables getting soaked during heavy rain or accidental falls into that creek you are trying to cross.

I’ve always used headlamps for lighting at night, and while in camp, I use solar lanterns. Both items are cheap and lightweight to carry with me. But some situations arise that I need a brighter and heavier duty light to see further away. The Inova T8R power switch is a 762-lumen flashlight with white and red beams and is exceptionally bright. It has two power source options, such as the included lithium-ion rechargeable battery, which gives you nearly four hours of light on high with a visibility range of 875 feet. You can also use 2 of the CR123 batteries, but on high, your charge will only last approximately two hours. The LED in this light should last for 36,300 hours. You will probably lose the flashlight before it ever quits working.

Anyone that knows me knows that I’m always looking for ways to make my life easier in the outdoors. These items by night Ize do precisely that, complement existing gear and add to the outdoor experience. Check out the full video below!

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