Primitive Camping and Bushcraft in South Mississippi’s Swamps

Embarking on a primitive camping adventure in the swamps of south Mississippi was an experience to remember. The essence of bushcraft, the warmth of a campfire, and the delightful taste of fire-cooked biscuits made this journey unforgettable.

Scouting the Perfect Campsite

Navigating the woods, I stumbled upon deer tracks, indicating the rich wildlife of the area. Despite the flooded terrain, firewood was abundant. After some exploration, I settled on an ideal spot for the night.

Setting Up Camp

With the sun setting, I erected a modified lean-to for shelter. Gathering firewood, I was cautious to sidestep logs with poison ivy, knowing the repercussions of burning them. The pull start fire starter proved invaluable, igniting swiftly and efficiently. My Ozark Trail camping chair and NatureHike cot ensured comfort throughout the stay.

Campfire Cooking: Biscuits and More

Responding to a query, I demonstrated biscuit cooking using the Pathfinder Bush pot set. A simple mix of self-rising flour, powdered eggs, and non-fat powdered milk transformed into delicious biscuits in mere minutes. Paired with Mountain House beef stroganoff, prepared using my Jetboil, it was a hearty wilderness meal.

A Refreshing Morning in the Swamp

Awakened by a barn owl’s call, I brewed coffee with the Grill Geo press, ensuring fresh water from any source. The morning was invigorated with coffee and a serving of classic spam.


This swamp camping escapade, though distinct from my usual ventures, was truly enriching. The nocturnal serenades of barred owls provided a lullaby, enhancing the experience. May this recount of my swamp sojourn inspire your next outdoor exploration.

Primitive Camping & Bushcraft

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