Unsinkable Fire: The Power of Waterproof and Windproof Matches in 2023

Fire – it’s the heart of camping, bushcraft, and survival. It offers warmth, illumination, and the ability to cook. Yet, igniting a fire isn’t always straightforward, especially when nature isn’t on your side. Enter the game-changer: waterproof and windproof matches. Here’s my hands-on review of these elemental warriors.

The Matchbox: A Fortress Against Moisture

Housed in a robust, waterproof container, these matches promise reliability. The container, reinforced with a rubber seal, ensures the matches remain dry and ready for action. While the matches might appear chunky, their design is purposeful, crafted to defy the elements.

Igniting them is straightforward. A swift strike on the container’s side, and you have a flame that’s both waterproof and windproof.

Putting Them to the Test

I decided to challenge the waterproof claim. Lighting a match, I plunged it into a jug of water. Impressively, it continued to burn underwater, bubbles dancing around the flame.

For optimal fire-starting, I suggest using a sturdy pencil sharpener to produce shavings from fatwood or a dry twig. This fine tinder, combined with the match, ensures a fire even amidst rain or gusty winds.

Final Thoughts

The year is 2023, and while fire-starting techniques have evolved, the reliability of matches remains unmatched. While Ferro rods and other methods have their merits, these waterproof and windproof matches guarantee a swift, dependable flame. Paired with the right tinder, you’re set for a blazing success.

Dive deeper into my experience with these matches in the video below or click here.

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