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Welcome to the Speir Outdoors Links Page, your go-to resource for the best gear in camping, bushcraft, and survival. Over the years, I've had the privilege of testing and using a wide array of outdoor equipment. This page is a curated collection of those tried-and-true items that have stood the test of time and continue to accompany me on my primitive camping adventures.

Camping Gear:
When it comes to camping, the right gear can make all the difference. From the reliable tent that has sheltered me from storms to the compact sleeping bag that has kept me warm on chilly nights, each item has been selected for its durability, functionality, and ease of use. Whether you're a seasoned camper or a beginner, you'll find the gear that suits your needs and enhances your camping experience.

Bushcraft Essentials:
Bushcraft is about thriving in the natural environment using a minimal amount of gear and resources. The tools I've selected for this section are ones that I've personally used and trust. From versatile knives and axes to fire starters and cordage, these items are essential for any bushcraft enthusiast.

Survival Equipment:
In survival situations, the right equipment can be a lifesaver. The survival gear listed here has been chosen for its reliability in critical situations. From multi-purpose tools to first aid kits and water purification devices, these items could make the difference when it matters most.

My own experiences:
Each piece of gear listed on this page has been personally tested and approved by me on numerous outdoor adventures. They have proven their worth in various conditions and have never let me down. I'm confident that they will serve you well on your own outdoor adventures.

Remember, the right gear is only part of the equation. Knowledge, skills, and a respect for nature are equally important. So equip yourself with the best, but never stop learning and exploring. Happy camping!

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  • Speir Outdoors Primitive Camping & Bushcraft book
  • Prepared4X Compressed Towels
  • Elegear self inflating matress
  • Prepared 4x emergency poncho (camo)
  • Prepared 4X Survival Torch
  • The John Wayne Handy Book for Boys
  • OLife Trekking Poles
  • Pull Start Fire Starter
  • Waterdrop water filter and gravity filter
  • LAGOM Folding Saw
  • Dewbu Heated Jacket
  • Expedition Joe coffee (my absolute favorite)
  • Emergency antibiotic's from Jase medical

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