Water is everywhere! 71% of the earth's surface is water covered. The oceans contain roughly 96 1/2 percent of all the Earth's water. So even with all this water, dehydration has killed or hospitalized many hikers and campers. I want to help you be better prepared for your next "Great Outdoor Adventure". My brother and … Continue reading Water

The perfect camp light

Several years ago, I was constantly hauling heavy lanterns into the woods. I had to carry mantels and fuel and tried to not break the glass while traveling, that is until I saw something in the camping section of my not so favorite Superstore. Lo and behold, I looked up and saw this amazing little device. The Luci solar powered lantern. I did what any self-respecting Outdoorsman would do right there in the middle of the store... I started reading reviews! after reading several reviews and looking at all the specifications I picked up two of them for around $15 each. I went home I started using them immediately.

Folding Camp Stove

A few years back, I was looking for a cheap and light weight alternative to the current camp stoves on the market. One day I just happened to stumble upon a folding camp stove on Amazon.com. After reading all the reviews and thoroughly reading the description, I went ahead and purchased this particular model. once it arrived, I could hardly wait to try it out.....